Irish Radioplayer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Irish Radioplayer?

The Irish Radioplayer is the official Irish Radio mobile app available for both Apple and Android devices. Our aim is to make it a cinch to listen to radio on your smartphone or tablet. You can listen live, catch up on programmes and view social feeds from the stations. No need to change site or app, it's all there in one place.

The Irish Radioplayer is a not-for-profit partnership between RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI)

Where can I get Irish Radioplayer? How can I download the app?
Quickest way is Otherwise go to the App Store in iTunes or to the Google Play Store, depending on your device, and search for Irish Radioplayer. To be sure you have the right app look for this green button:
The Irish Radioplayer logo
How much does it cost?
Nothing, the app is free. Charges may apply for use of the app from your mobile phone network (e.g. Vodafone, 3, meteor etc) if you use it off wifi.
How many stations are there?
43, 9 of which are RTE Services and the other 34 are from the Independant Broadcasters of Ireland.
How do I know if my device works with Radioplayer?
The app is available in two main forms; for literally thousands of Android phones and tablets from Google Play and for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad from the App Store in iTunes.
Is the app available outside of Ireland? Will the app work outside the Republic of Ireland?

Yes, the App is available internationally in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

You can listen to the stations on the app wherever you are. Some stations may provide a different, or no stream at all if you are based outside of Ireland. Be careful though if you are resident in one country and listening in another. Data roaming charges may apply. It's a good idea to check out these costs if you can before you travel.

How can I reduce my data charges?
If you are within range of WiFi, connect to it to move your data usage away from your mobile operator. Phones vary, so we cannot give specific guidance.
Are there any in-app purchases?
None and no premium version.
Is there better audio quality available?
Most stations provide a better quality stream that is not accessible using mobile data. Connect to WiFi to gain access to these streams.
Why do I get 'choppy' reception?
If your connection to the internet is not adequate (minimum 64 kbps consistently), you will have trouble recieving flawless audio streams from most sources using any app. Fluctuations on the general internet can also lead to a deterioration, but this is less frequent.
I can't hear anything. What should I do?
  • Check that your device is producing sounds using another app.
  • Try a speed test app or site.
  • Contact the station you are trying to receive.
Stations take a long time to buffer. How can I improve it?

The performance of your device has a strong influence on how well the app appears to respond. Try closing other apps on the device to see if that helps.

The internet connection can also affect how the app behaves. You can try changing connections to see if a more performant result can be achieved.

There seems to be a problem with the app. What do I do?
We've found often the best way to fix issues like these is try these three steps...
  1. Remove the Radioplayer app from your device in the same way you uninstall other apps.
  2. Turn your device off, then on again. Doing this, allows your device to clean up any leftover files that might've been left behind when you uninstalled the app.
  3. Now grab yourself a fresh copy of our latest app version.
There's a problem with the station I'm trying to listen to (e.g. audio problems, station will not play). Who do I contact?
The radio streams linked to by Radioplayer are entirely under the control of the radio stations themselves. If you have a technical issue with their audio, images or text etc, you should contact them directly.
Why is 'More from this station' empty?
The more from this station is populated by stations' podcasts or other means of providing content. Not all stations are able to provide this material, but more and more are doing so as time goes by.
Can I subscribe to podcasts in the App?
The only way to subscribe to content in the app is marking a show as a favourite. Other than that, podcasts cannot be subscribed to natively in the app.